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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


With ample evidence discovered by science, the thesis of an "infinite
universe" was tossed onto the scrap-heap of the history of scientific
ideas. Yet, more important questions were forthcoming: what existed
before the Big Bang? What force could have caused the great explosion
that resulted in a universe that did not exist before?

There is a single answer to be given to the question of what existed
before the Big Bang:
Allah, the All-powerful and the Almighty, Who
created the earth and the heavens in great order. Many scientists, be
they believers or not, are obliged to admit this truth. Although they
may decline to admit this fact on scientific platforms, their
confessions in between the lines give them away. Renowned atheist
philosopher Anthony Flew says:

Notoriously, confession is good for the soul. I will therefore begin
by confessing that the Stratonician atheist has to be embarrassed by
the contemporary cosmological consensus. For it seems that the
cosmologists are providing a scientific proof of what St. Thomas
contended could not be proved philosophically; namely, that the
universe had a beginning. So long as the universe can be comfortably
thought of as being not only without end but also beginning, it
remains easy to urge that its brute existence, and whatever are found
to be its most fundamental features, should be accepted as the
explanatory ultimates. Although I believe that it remains still
correct, it certainly is neither easy nor comfortable to maintain this
position in the face of the Big Bang story. (Henry Margenau, Roy
Abraham Vargesse, Cosmos, Bios, Theos, La Salla IL: Open Court
Publishing, 1992, p. 241).

Some scientists like the British materialist physicist H. P. Lipson
confess that they have to accept the Big Bang theory whether they want
it or not:

If living matter is not, then, caused by the interplay of atoms,
natural forces, and radiation, how has it come into being?… I think,
however, that we must…admit that the only acceptable explanation is
creation. I know that this is anathema to physicists, as indeed it is
to me, but we must not reject that we do not like if the experimental
evidence supports it. (H. P. Lipson, "A Physicist Looks at Evolution",
Physics Bulletin, vol. 138, 1980, p. 1 3 8 ) .

In conclusion, science points to a single reality whether materialist
scientists like it or not. Matter and time have been created by a
Creator, Who is All-Powerful and Who created the heavens, the earth
and all that is in between: Almighty
Allah, .

It is Allah, Who created the seven heavens and of the earth the same
number, the Command descending down through all of them, so that you
might know that
Allah, has power over all things and that Allah, encompasses
all things in His knowledge. (Surat at-Talaq: 12)



Just think about the things you see from the moment you wake up in the
morning: the pillow under your head, the blanket over you, the alarm
clock that woke you up, the slippers you search for as soon as you get
out of bed, the window you open to get some fresh air, the clothes
hanging in your closet, the mirror you look into every morning, the
knife and fork you use for breakfast, the umbrella you take with you
when you leave the house, the elevator you get into, the key that
opens your car door, the traffic lights along the way, the billboards,
the pen, paper and other things on your desk at work...

Spend some time to consider, and it will no doubt occur to you that
each of these things was designed for a special purpose. No one would
say that it was a matter of chance that everything was where it should
be when you arose up in the morning. For example, who would claim that
merely by chance, your house key was cut exactly to fit the door? Or
that it ended up in your pocket by chance, in the first place? No one
would claim that the billboards along the road were put there by
chance, or that the meanings they intend came about by randomly
painted symbols.

By the same token, no one would deny that a staple—nothing other than
a specially shaped piece of wire on your desk—was bent and placed in
its dispenser in order to hold papers together. Each staple's metal
alloy, size, shape, and intended function show the evidence of
deliberate design. It was planned specifically to accommodate your
needs; and there's a particular reason why staples are so often found
in any office setting.

What about the people you see walking along the street? Or the trees
you pass by, the dog that runs out in front of you, the pigeons that
build their nests in the eaves of your house, the flowers on your
table, the sky above you? Could their existence be by chance, do you

It would be nonsense to even consider this possibility! Everything
surrounding you, animate and inanimate alike, is too wonderful and
complex to be compared with man-made items or ever to be ascribed to
the operations of chance. Each is an example of a conscious creation,
requiring consummate intelligence and skill. Everyone who finds it
illogical to think that even a single staple came about by the proper
bending of a wire by chance, will see that it is even more impossible
that human beings, cats, birds, trees and the entire universe emerged
by chance.

But today, there are people who cannot see this clear reality. Or
rather they see it, but pretend not to. They claim that trees, birds,
clouds, houses, cars, you yourself, others around you—in short,
everything in the universe, animate and inanimate, is all the work of
blind chance.

These people, known as Materialist-Darwinists, maintain the
contradictory idea that chance occurrences can display supreme
intelligence; and that the sum total of millions of chance events,
occurring in sequence, can show creative power. According to
Materialist-Darwinists, chance events have greater intelligence than
every person in the world—no matter how many people have come and
gone. They claim that a genius called "chance" has shaped everyone's
brain, cognitive ability, judgment, memory, and countless other human
characteristics for hundreds of thousands of years.

Let us examine the irrationality of those who have entered the blind
alley of chance, ignoring the wondrous design that surrounds them as
well as the proofs of creation.

Chance Is Not A Deity: It Is Allah, Who Is The Creator Of All That Exists

The theory of evolution puts forth the irrational claim that all
plants, animals and human beings are the result of blind, unconscious,
accidental events. Evolutionists believe that millions of years ago,
in the primal soup of the oceans or in pools of water, mindless atoms
with no knowledge, powers of reason came together in certain
proportions and later, by chance, formed the proteins and cells that
even today's scientists with the most advanced laboratory technology
have not been able to duplicate. They go so far as to say that these
cells, in their turn—and again by sheer chance—formed starfish, fish,
sparrows, hawks, seagulls, penguins, cats, lambs, lions, and even
human beings who possess the faculty of reason.

To demonstrate just how incredible the claims of evolutionists are,
let anyone who believes in the creative power of chance events take a
large barrel. Let them put into it however much material they believe
is required to form a living thing. For example, let them include all
the needed elements—carbon, phosphorus, calcium—as well as organic
compounds like amino acids, proteins, lipids, and carotene. Then let
them add to this mixture whatever outside influence they choose. For
example, heat or chill the barrel. Let it be struck by lightning or
apply electric current. Let them stir the mixture with whatever
advanced devices they may have. In addition, let them stand guard on
this barrel transferring this responsibility from father to son for
millions, even billions, of years. And so as to increase the chances
of success, let them control the mixing at every moment. Let them
consult with others; meet with the world's foremost biologists,
geneticists, physicists and experts on evolution. Leave them free to
produce whatever conditions they deem necessary to originate life.

Yet despite all this serious, conscious effort, they'll never be able
to produce anything like a living being in that barrel. No matter what

they do, they'll never be able to produce the living things pictured
in this book.

Let those atoms in that barrel perform any reactions they want; never
will they begin an "evolution" capable of producing brilliant scientists
discoverers;scientists able to examine under
electron microscopes the molecules and atoms out of which they
themselves are composed; talented actors li celebrities
those who take pleasure in symmetry,
esthetics and harmonious colors; those able to design automobiles and
write books; thinkers with faculties of logic and judgment; human
beings able to retain in memory what they have learned, share
longings, feel excitement and pleasure; who are possessed with a sense
of love, mercy and compassion; who enjoy the taste of food and whose
appetite is stimulated by a cake baking in the oven; who laugh at
something funny and enjoy being with their friends; who can defend an
idea and carry on a discussion.

Bring unconscious atoms together in whatever way you prefer. Never
will they be able to bring about a single one of these living things,
or even one of their cells.

If so—if no living thing can ever be produced by human effort and the
whole pool of human knowledge—how can life be brought into being with
the aid of unconscious atoms and chance events? Any intelligent human
being of conscience can certainly understand that he—and other living
things—cannot be the result of chance events. Every intelligent,
unprejudiced person with a conscience knows that
Allah, has created all
these living things with His incomparable power.

Regrettably, a segment of the population has accepted this irrational
scenario throughout the 20th century. Professors, scientists and
teachers may ridicule the "primitive" beliefs of pagan societies,
while themselves accepting the nonsense of evolution. In this, they're
equally as benighted as those human beings who expect a wooden idol
can help them. God's Messenger, the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon
him, also reminded anyone afflicted with such blindness that the
greatest sin is associating His creatures with

The most severe sin is to associate partners with Allah, while He has
created you. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)

In the Qur'an (29:17), Allah, warns those who worship idols and invent
lies about them that their power is strong enough to do anything:



And verily we sent Noah (as Our messenger) unto his folk, and he
continued with them for a thousand years save fifty years; and the
flood engulfed them, for they were wrong-doers. (14) And We rescued
him and those with him in the ship, and made of it a portent for the
peoples. (15) And Abraham! (Remember) when he said unto his folk:
Serve Allah, and keep your duty unto Him; that is better for you if ye
did but know. (16) Ye serve instead of Allah only idols, and ye only
invent a lie. Lo! those whom ye serve instead of Allah own no
provision for you. So seek your provision from Allah, and serve Him,
and give thanks unto Him, (for) unto Him ye will be brought back. (17)
But if ye deny, then nations have denied before you. The messenger is
only to convey (the message) plainly. ( 1 8 ) See they not how Allah
produceth creation, then reproduceth it? Lo! for Allah that is easy.
(19) Say (O Muhammad): Travel in the land and see how He originated
creation, then Allah bringeth forth the later growth. Lo! Allah is
Able to do all things. (20) He punisheth whom He will and showeth
mercy unto whom He will, and unto Him ye will be turned. (21) Ye
cannot escape (from Him) in the earth or in the sky, and beside Allah
there is for you no friend nor helper. (22) Those who disbelieve in
the revelations of Allah and in (their) Meeting with Him, such have no
hope of My mercy. For such there is a painful doom. (23) But the
answer of his folk was only that they said: "Kill him" or "Burn him."
Then Allah saved him from the Fire. Lo! herein verily are portents for
folk who believe. (24) He said: Ye have chosen only idols instead of
Allah. The love between you is only in the life of the world. Then on
the Day of Resurrection ye will deny each other and curse each other,
and your abode will be the Fire, and ye will have no helpers. (25)

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